How to take full control of a folder in Windows

I have an external disk that I move between computers. It contains the MyDocuments folders with pictures , music and documents, and that is where the problem starts. Trying to acces this folder from a different computer will not work, you won’t get the permission. Even being an administrator and right-click on properties, then the security tab will not work. However, after investigating somewhat it turns out a solution is:

1) Go to start, type cmd to search for the command shell cmd.exe.

2) Right-click and run it as an administrator.

3) Now, given the <folder_name> you want to access, type on the command line

takeown /f <folder_name> /r /d y
icacls <folder_name> /grant administrators:F /t

This should do the trick. If you have a localized version of WIndows, y for Yes maybe another letter representing yes in your local language, and the “administrators” might be called something else to.


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