How to add a list of events to Google Calendar

Google Calendar works great, and I am using it a frequently. Though I have used it since its release in 2006, I started using it more after getting a Nexus 10 tablet into the house. The Nexus now synchronizes work and home calendars neatly, and is instantly updated. It does not sounds like a breakthrough, but I have always had some issues with synchronizing, getting double appointments, etc. The only bad thing about Google Calendar is that they removed the search function, which enabled you to search for other public calendars. That function made the concept much more useful, and it is strange they removed it in a “social media” world.

Anyway, this post is about how to import a list of events into Calendar. It is not straightforward to guess how, but it is somewhat easy. The key is to list your events in a comma-separated file, like this:

< line 1>Subject,Start Date,Start Time,End Date,End Time,All Day Event,Reminder On/Off,Reminder Date,Reminder Time,Meeting Organizer,Description,Location,Private

<line 2>Fotball match Liverpool – Manchester United,03.04.2013,19:00:00,03.04.2013,20:45:00,FALSE,,,,Liverpool,A classic,Anfield Road,

<line 3 …>

Where to find import calendar function
Where to find import calendar function

Do not copy orwrite the text included in the <>, that is just for clarifying where the line starts for this post. The first line is a header with all possible columns. The second line is an example of an event. You would add additional lines for additional events. Fields that are not in use are just leaved empty. Still I have used FALSE for the All Day Event flag. I have also used a european date and time format, 4/3/13 can also be used as an alternative (3. April). It turned out to be important to write 19:00:00 not just 19:00, that is – remember the seconds. After filling out all events, save it as a plain text file.

When done, go to Other Calendars, select the dropdown, and then select “Import calendar”. Select file, and remember to select the correct existing calendar to import into. Voila! and you are done.


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