Scrum product owner role

Some time ago I made an illustration for the Scrum product owner role that I think can be of use to others. It is based on the branch of Scrum represented by, in addition to perhaps some minor adjustment. The focus for this figure is not Scrum, but the Product Owner role itself, within scrum. The reason I made this was that in my experience the product owner is the hardest role to adopt to for many companies due to a lot of organisation constraints and previous structure. It is shared with a creative common license, so go ahead and use it! Click on the image below to get the full picture.


There is also a Norwegian language version available, click here.


2 thoughts on “Scrum product owner role

  1. Excellent Jon, thanks very much for putting this into the public domain – it’s always insightful seeing others’ methologies and you seem to have illustrated yours here comprehensively. I’m sure others will find it of use too, will RT on our channels.

    Luke W
    Community Manager

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jon, this is awesome, thank you. I’ve been telling our reluctant PO’s that their job is the hardest in scrum and that the just-in-time writing of stories is not the right approach and that their job needs to have a full time dedication to all things PO (they tend to try and take on a lot of account manager responsibilities). This depiction shows clearly all the touch points they have and everything they should be doing every day.

    Paul B.
    VP Development
    ToolBox Solutions

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