Upgrading to MIL-Lite 9

More about the MIL-Lite upgrade, I have had several problems. I should start by mentioning that we require our applications to work on MIL-versions back to 6, in order to be able to support the excisting customer base:

– Matrox have strengthen the typing on all MxxxInquire functions. Probably a good idea, but it means that all previous uses of the functions, for example MBufInquire is not supported anymore and have to be upgraded. Since we are dealing with pointers here, pointers to stuff of different lengths, this is not an easy upgrade. My solution was to use #if M_MIL_CURRENT_INT_VERSION >= 0x0900 in those places where I was unsure about whether further use of the pointers required a specific width.

– I am unable to retrieve previous hanlder ptr and user handler ptr:
The type of the third parameter is not supported anymore (MAPPHOOKFCTPTR)

– The most serious problem is that Matrox has ceased support for the Mvga functions. I used them for getting a pointer to a DIB structure, in order to draw the dib to a printer device context. I canot find a real alternative to these functions

– And, not related to code, I am not able to debug the application as I constantly get an error message about missing license. However I have a Matrox Meteor 1394 card installed, with a Sony 1394b camera. I am not sure why this does not work – perhaps the Meteor is not supported in version 9, or there is still problems with 1394b speeds. Anyway I will order a USB license key.

– The Matrox developer forum is a closed one. Whenever I try to enter, typically every sixth month, I am not able to log on. Of course I have a valid support agreement and all that, but I do not remember my username or my password. I do remember the email address I am registered with, but it seems not to be enough. So I am not able to see any posts. I don’t understand why the access needs to be that restricted.

So at the moment, I am not able to get Mil-Lite 9 to work on Vista – or any version of MIL to work on Vista, I am not able to get help through the forums, and I wonder whether I rather should switch to another vendor!


6 thoughts on “Upgrading to MIL-Lite 9

  1. dror says:

    how did you get the MIL Lite 9 ?
    to the best of my knowledge, Matrox did not release the software yet.
    best regards,

  2. davemc says:


    I regularly use the MIL Developers forum and I agree it is a closed forum. I don’t know for sure why they restrict viewing but then again I pay thousands a year in support for various MIL and ONL licenses and if I could just troll the forum for answers they may be out a few bucks…. that is if the forum actually got action. I am concerned that you are stuggling with this as I firmly feel Matrox is the real leader in the field. I have used/use Cognex and Matrox for years now and Matrox is proving to be the vendor of choice for PC based software by a long shot. There really is no other full spectrum provider out there that I am aware of.

  3. davemc says:

    Oh yeh. I forgot to mention. Have you tried contacting Matrox via phone? I suspect they would fix your access to the developers forum ni no time flat if you gave them a call.

  4. Anonymous says:

    matrox is so stupid organisation they don’t even release their drivers for free …only shit registerd …?
    what does that mean ….
    if someone has your product then only ..he could use the software …. whats the point of unnnesesary emailing …and …all that …?

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